Requests Guidelines

Welcome to the Responsible Requests Guidelines (“Guidelines”) for Promoddy websites, any capitalized terms not defined within these Guidelines are defined in the Promoddy Terms of Service.

Promoddy is dedicated to creating a great experience for both its Buyers and Sellers.  We take our responsibilities seriously, and we work to ensure that any Post Requests Guidelines on Promoddy.

Post Requests Guidelines

User must comply with the following when Post any Requests :

  1. Post Request should not include third party trademarks or logos not owned or licensed by the user .
  2. Any user post request should not include any trademarks or logos that are confusingly similar to a third party’s trademarks or logos.
  3. The post request should not include the names, likenesses, voices, or other indicia  identifying any person (living or dead) without such person’s permission.
  4. The post request should not contain copyrighted materials owned by others, without permission.
  5. The post request promoting any Seller Services must be accurate and reflect the product or service actually provided by the Seller.
  6. The post request must make no claims that it is representative of Promoddy or is endorsed by Promoddy .

Prohibited Content:

The following content is prohibited from any post request created by user :

  1. False, misleading, inaccurate, or unsubstantiated claims or content.
  2. Fictional third-party reviews, endorsements, or comments.
  3. Content that contains, promotes, or endorses:
    • Defamation, harassment, hate speech, racism, gender inequality, derogatory or distasteful, or misrepresentation against others.
    • Spyware, spam, Trojan horses, or viruses.
    • Illegal or unlawful activities.
    • Black Hat methods.
    • Methods that may violate a third party network’s Terms of Service.
    • Methods that violate the SEOClerks Terms of Service.

Promoddy reserves the right to delete, alter, edit, reject or remove any post request that do not comply with these Guidelines or meet Promoddy’ standards. Promoddy may remove any offending post request solely based on its own reasonable judgment.

If you believe that any post request do not comply with these Guidelines or if you have any questions on complying with these Guidelines, please contact us at support